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Why Do You Wish to Dye It White

I need to die my hair white. I’m only 14 so cersei wig does anyone suppose I ought to get this carried out
Maybe white with blue or green highlights would look awsome.

Also if my parents say no should I go in opposition to their phrase and just do it
I am in a ton of online hair-dying communities and out of the numerous, many individuals who end up dying their hair white I’ve actually solely seen one girl who I believed it really suited (this was only as a result of she was platinum blonde to begin with, so it wasn’t that far off from her pure color). 99% of people with white hair (moreover older people) look terrible-and that is coming from somebody who usually likes unusual-colored hair.

If you wished to dye your hair for the first time why not start small Perhaps a spotlight or two of a bizarre coloration like blue or inexperienced before committing to all-over white

In case your mother and father say “no” just do not do it. I’ve had mates who did this and their mother and father dragged them to a salon to get again their natural shade (NOT Fun!). It’s better to wait it out and try to stay harmonious with individuals you’re stuck residing in a house with.

your hair white. wow. yeah I hope your parents say no. because you will have to bleach it to get it white. and your hair I’m fairly certain will be very damaged and white with blue or inexperienced is little unusual. but maybe temp. inexperienced or blue highlights

go for the white hair, i cersei wig feel it will look really cool, i wanted to try this however i dyed it blue as an alternative, and i would not go towards their phrase and do it anyway, simply keep on begging/aggravating them till they are saying sure, and remember you solely need one to say sure. Tell them its not a giant deal you can all the time dye it back to a “regular” coloration.

To be honest, it sounds crazy to me. But at your age I did weird things to my hair as well. I think if you want it and do not care if other classmates make enjoyable of it, then go ahead. However, if your parents is not going to let you I Don’t recomend you go behind their back. It’s going to solely get you in hassle and what is the purpose of getting grounded or no matter, simply to have a hair style that’s gonna develop out in what Possibly 2 months

Don’t DO IT!!!

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Why do you need to dye it white You are going to mess up your hair if you do this. Hearken to your mother and father!!!!!