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Interested by Black Hair

All I did was ask a simple query about black hair and I was attacked. Not as soon as did I say I laughed at her, not as soon as did I state it was wrong or distasteful. I particularly stated I can perceive change. It is a damn disgrace when one can not ask a query about another race without instantly being accused of hatred or being disrespectful. If anybody was being disrespectful, it was all of you that attacked me. Now…why the attack

whoever it was probably took it the flawed approach as a result of there are a whole lot of racists out there and its getting laborious to inform them other than sort individuals. im sorry that occurred to does human hair shed you though.

Just because People Suck!

I guess its asian satisfaction.
they’re simply plain racists!!!! they’re so worried that we are going to make enjoyable of them, so before we even converse, they have to make a silly comment to us and how stupid white individuals are and stuff like that. am i proper

This looks fascinating…however in my view you get attacked over any little factor as of late, when it’s acquired nothing to do with being racist or in any other’s the way in which things are at the minute unfortunataly.

There are alot of racists on the market, and I guess folks took it as a racial remark. Don’t be concerned about it! As long as you didn’t mean it that manner, nobody cares. 🙂

~ Elle
Say it more politely subsequent time and don’t sound so racist. Then you will not get attacked!

I’m married to an afro american man and I am Caucasian. The primary time I met his daughters I needed to ask methods to check with how they take care of their hair. The best and least controversial way to ask about it it to ask about “ethnic” hair.

I did not see your unique question. I do know that typically saying anything about one other race can be interpreted as prejudiced, even if it is the farthest thing from it! I simply seemed it up and responded to it.

It is a good query although. Some black folks wish to lighten their skin, for no matter their motive could also be and some white folks like to darken their skin, for whatever their motive might be. To each their very own…..Can’t all of us simply get along :)))

i dont know some people get so defensive on here jeez..
Why are you continue to asking about it Why do you care about what individuals you will never meet assume about you

idk alot of people take things the fallacious way and get freakin mad about it. so don’t worry about it, if folks want to get pissed about it then allow them to just ask lengthy as you recognize what you meant!!

some of us are simply ignorant that way ( no laborious emotions)!!!
belief, if you have been to ask me about it i would not get mad. if this was your query the rationale why we all the time put grease in our hair is as a result of it is dry and when it gets dry it falls out.

It would seem to some that the best way you paraphrased your query was discovered to be offensive to their nature. I, nonetheless, noticed it differently and have answered accordingly. I am not attempting to be the great man, but am just stating my opinion in remark.

nicely i just saw your query and you didn’t phrase it out properly so perhaps that is why your are being assault. also if she had blonde hair and inexperienced eyes who’s to say that is a white women traits. i’ve recognized alot of latina’s with blonde hair and inexperienced eyes we can make ourself look any we want to.

I read your unique question and I am puzzled as to why you would even ask such a query. I can settle for that you simply meant no disrespect by it, however perhaps it’s best to take into consideration the tone through which you used. I’m a black lady with pure inexperienced eyes. As a matter of fact I’ve relations who dye their hair blonde also. You’ve gotten to grasp that there are several and typically conflicting photos of what beauty is. So it is solely natural that what others could view as strange be oddly beautiful to others. I think that you should perform some research before you ask such a racially charged statement subsequent time. There are literally thousands of women of colour who have natural traits not typically considered as “their own” and vice versa. It’s okay, I understand the place you were coming from. i feel it’s really ignorant to argue what’s a black trait and what is a white trait. With the world being such a melting pot, that thought should be banished anyway.


I simply read your query and really it sounds such as you and the folks you’re employed with have a problem with issues you do not understand or perhaps are intimidated about. You mentioned she was the joke on everyone’s lips all evening and this is an individual none of you ever met before. You all took one take a look at her exterior appearance and down right judged her for no purpose. No one obviously obtained to know her for the particular person she is. You might need discovered her to be an incredible good friend. She might have allow you to in on some things, since you’re so “ethnic curious” she may reply your whole questions with out you being attacked. I’ve caucasion friends and they ask me questions on a regular basis and vice versa and we don’t attack each other because we are friends. One in all my dearest friends is married to a black guy and she is essentially the most open minded particular person I do know as a result of she had white guys beating the crap out of her for years and met him and he’s the sweetest man she has ever known. Goes in opposition to all the things you ever heard I bet Nicely somebody should have let you recognize a very long time ago that it isn’t what coloration a individuals pores and skin is( and assume about that the subsequent time you go for a tan) or their eye coloration that makes them a person, it has to do with character and what’s in an individual’s heart. Good individuals come in each color and so do unhealthy people. You and your co staff proved that by making fun of a stranger. You don’t know what is going on in her life if she is working temp initially and then to get there and have a bunch of individuals does human hair shed make her feel much more uncomfortable. Wow, so mature!!! And the place do you reside anyway in the backhills someplace referring to her model as “white cosmetics” sounds like one thing from Mississippi Burning or the 1920’s the place they had the “white’s solely” indicators posted. Perhaps it is best to get together with the green contact makers and counsel they post it on the containers “for whites only” LOL. Imagine me, no one is even residing that way anymore, travel and see the world, and you will note that range is in sweetie, racism and mockery are a factor of the past. I hope in the future when you will have children you educate them these values or they are going to be screwed up in life…..

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