Finest And Worst DC Massive Events

I already did this thread for Marvel so I assumed why not do DC too ? Anyway what do you want most and despise most ?

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Worst cross over could be Krypton Returns God that story didn’t should be 18 issues Scott Lobdell has no concept how to jot down any of the Super Household Geoff Johns can’t get right here soon enough.

My current favourite would be Pink Daughter of Krypton a smaller focus than every event every problem we get to see fairly substantial development in Supergirl and Red Lanterns is the best book out at the moment if your not reading it your doing it mistaken.

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@timelord: Thanks for recommending. I am going to give it a try.

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The new 52 event culling was pretty unhealthy.

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I am a big fan of Blackest Night time. Identity Crisis was also actually good. And naturally, the Return of Superman.

As for unhealthy ones, I didn’t care much for Ultimate Crisis. Infinite Disaster had a lot happening, it was sorta confusing and wasn’t even the best or anything. And I discovered Cosmic Odyssey sort of missing.

I’ve gone via Ultimate Disaster like 6 instances and i nonetheless have a hard time understanding it. One thing about Darkseid and vampires sucking the blood out of different earths. I do not know haha

I’ve liked a number of DC massive events. My favorites are in all probability COIE, Infinie Crisis, Blackest Night time

I don’t remember any huge event that I actually hated by I used to be just a little but disillusioned by Closing Crisis, but which may of been just due to the hype that I got here into it with

Greatest events: Sinestro Corps Warfare, fifty two and Closing Crisis

Worst: Amazons Assault, Countdown to Closing Crisis

Occasions with good and bad: Identification and Infinite Disaster, Without end Evil

@timelordscience: I’ve by no means truly learn Countdown however I’ve at all times heard horrible issues about it, what was dangerous about it? (moreover the fact that Paul Dini wrote it lol)

@jphu8414: it was just sloppy. The artwork was inconsistent, heroes and villains alike were out of character/mistreated, there were pointless character deaths, nonsensical heel turns, the tie ins have been ridiculous, often being pointless, and the plot tries too hard to appear epic solely to end up like fan fiction Dan Didio crapped out. If you’d like a very good snigger watch the Linkara overview of it.

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@timelordscience: Huh, I see thanks a bunch. I will try that Linkara review (i am certain he’ll have some variety words for it lol)

That’s too unhealthy that Countdown wasn’t superb, I liked the fifty two weekly sequence and I assume Countdown isn’t nearly nearly as good

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Best: Infinite Disaster, Remaining Disaster, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Id Disaster and Zero Hour.

Worst: Flashpoint (May of been wonderful if it accomplished more.) Blackest Night time (Nothing occurs in the occasion comics and I do not feel like reading tie ins.)

Many of the others I’ve learn had been okay however Perpetually Evil might be going down as one of many worst.

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@jphu8414: nope. Countdown tried to replicate fifty two’s success, and it had some attention-grabbing ideas, but the execution was just terrible and word has it the editorial mandates have been ridiculous. Hopefully Future’s End will redeem DC weekly event comics.

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