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Learn how to Tie-Dye A Shirt In 12 Easy Steps

When our Life Day by day team checked out the subject, they were surprised to be taught that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as they had believed.

Men's Ice Metal Sasquatch Cotton Long Sleeve Tee ShirtOffered you’re prepared to speculate somewhat time, it is possible to supply some actually beautiful colors and designs with minimal effort and never much money.

Principally, you just need a white T-shirt, some dye, somewhat patience, and to follow the 12 steps below.

In fact, because the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’, so it’s possible you’ll have to experiment a little earlier than reaching precisely what was in your imagination.

However the beauty of game over tshirt the tie-dyeing process is that it’s virtually not possible to make a mistake. There’s no such thing – simply a barely totally different shade combine or pattern, which may prove better than your unique thought!

So, why not give it a strive We’ve made it easy for you with our easy step-by-step instructions. Comply with them, and you’ll know the right way to tie-dye a shirt in minutes

Comfortable dyeing!
Step 1: The shirt

– The very best shirts to make use of are made from a hundred% cotton.
– 50% cotton/50% polyester is possible however the colors will not be so strong.
– 100% polyester will not work – the dye will wash off.

Step 2: Your alternative of dyes
– Dye kits from craft stores come with every thing you need.
– They comprise rubber gloves, rubber bands, soda ash,urea, and easy to follow directions.
– The dyes are in squeeze bottles, simply add warm water.

Step 3: The Tools
– If you don’t use a a pre-packaged equipment, you will have the next
– Procion dye, rubber bands, rubber gloves, squeeze bottles,urea, soda ash, and paper towels.
– A good dye remover.

Step 4: Soaking the shirt
– Soak the shirt in a solution of heat water and soda ash for about 10 minutes.
– Make sure to have the right mix of soda ash.
– Don’t use water that is too scorching or too chilly.
– Add a few tablespoonfuls of common salt to the mix.
– Make sure the mixture is completely dissolved before including the shirt.
– Wring the shirt out thoroughly.
– Put on rubber gloves at all times as the soda is caustic and will sting.

Step 5: Tying a rainbow swirl sample
– Place the shirt on a flat surface.
– Place it proper aspect down, for those who want a sharper pattern on the front of the shirt.
– Reverse it if your prefer the sample on the back.
– Place a dowel rod in the center of the shirt and begin turning till you might have a nice flat pie shape.
– You’ll be able to rotate the pin in either direction.

Step 6: Achieving a Pie
– The shirt must be shaped like a pie at this stage.
– Take away the dowel and put on one rubber band.
– The trick is to place the band, with out disturbing the shirt.
– Strive to ensure that the pie is firm and uniform.

Step 7: Be a part of the band
– Now slip other rubber bands over the pie in various instructions.
– Flip the pie over and add extra bands.
– It is very important retain the shape.
– Around 10 bands will probably be adequate.
– Keep the whole thing as flat as you’ll be able to.
– The shirt is now ready for dyeing.

Step eight: The Dyeing course of
– Cover your working floor with plastic.
– That you must wear previous clothes and footwear because the dyes will stain your clothes and the whole lot else.
– Put together paper towels or rags rags to mop up spills.

Step 9: Really utilizing the dyes
– Place your shirt “pie” on some paper towels on prime of a paper plate on your working floor.
– This makes it simpler to flip the whole thing over when dying the other side.
– Put on rubber gloves!
– You only actually need three basic colors: fuchsia purple, turquoise and lemon yellow.
– To make a rainbow swirl shirt, think of your “pie” is an actual pie chart.
– Working from the center of the shirt, dye one third of the shirt lemon yellow.
– Dye the second third of the shirt fuchsia crimson and the final third, turquoise.
– Do not leave any white areas displaying – the “white” is hiding inside the folds.
– Overlap the colors at the edges of every section to achieve different rainbow colors.
– All the time put yellow – (or different light colored dyes) – game over tshirt first. If you cowl it up by mistake, it would change to one thing else (both orange or green) and you can’t reverse the process.
– When you might have completed the primary facet, flip the whole thing over.
– Apply the dye on the second facet in the same way..

Step eleven: Now you just have to wait
– After completing the dyeing, put the shirt into a zip lock bag and seal it up tight.
– Put the bag in a warm place and depart it for A minimum of 24 HOURS!

Step 12: Unwrap the shirt carrying rubber gloves!
– Take the shirt out of the bag.
– Rinse the shirt off beneath chilly operating water.
– You can remove the bands earlier than or after rinsing.
– Watch out. If that is your first try at tie-dyeing, you may be amazed at the amount of dye that pours out as you’re rinsing.
– Keep rinsing till the water runs clear – it might take some time.
– When you followed the directions, the gorgeous pattern might be revealed.
– Now wash your shirt in the normal manner in a washing machine (by itself for the first time).
– Some people desire to continue washing the shirts two or 3 times on their own, before trusting them with different clothes.