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Did Miley Dye Her Hair Black

I saw a pic in a magazine along with her with black hair.
Sure she did. in the People magazine i read, it said that she needed to be different from the other stars. hair salons around me she wante da more rocker chic then a bit yea, she had her hair stylist dye her hair black.

Possibly it was just the light, or perhaps it was realy dark brown, however miley wouldn’d to that.
yes she dyed it

that might mean three things
1 she died her hair

2 she was sporting a wig
three its a fake photo

yuo determine
Sure, She did. why Probably not an enormous deal. Anyway.. its brownish blackish! :]] %26lt;333

sure she did
Who cares She’s gone too far. First, she was sweet and kind. Now she’s completely changed. Not that I dislike her. I actually like her songs, however how she acts. . .

haha, yeah however that was a while ago.
miley is all the time altering her hairstyle.

but recently for like the disney channel christmas parade and new years and all the pieces her hair has been lighter hair salons around me and it looked like she took out her extensions trigger her hair got thinner, either way i feel her hair is at all times so pretty!

sure, she dyed her hair. They referred to as it ‘darkish brown’ however it seems virtually black to me. I dont like it, i like her natural hair colour. -.-

Yes, she dyed it darker. I read in a journal that she stated it would ‘assist her rocker image’.
yeah i assumed that too i believe it appears to darkish so sure she did both that or its simply really actually actually dark brown or she had lots of gel in her hair trigger when i’ve gel in my hair its darker than typical

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Her hair is definitely Chocolate Brown with a hint of Honey Blond highlights. Her most latest pictures could be seen in either her filming of her film or on her website however it’s actually not black, possibly you were taking a look at a fallacious picture or the magazine used photoshop.

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