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1940s Hair And Makeup

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1940s Hair and Makeup
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Remember one of the vital well-known WWII posters of Rosie the Riveter A woman in a crimson scarf with white polka-dots wrapped around her head and knotted at the highest, in blue union uniform showing us her bicep with the tag line at the top that reads “We are able to Do It!” Nicely, this Poster epitomizes the lady’s story in the course of the decade of WWII. A authorities group named the Battle Production Co-Ordinating Committee created the poster. The purpose in fact was to enlist women’s help again house within the struggle effort.

Like the a long time earlier, this one had the battle to set the tone and helped to define a lady’s hair and make-up choices. Simplicity was the catchword of the day. For girls were being referred to as on to do a lot during this decade. Makeup was more natural (i.e. creamy skin, smoothly powdered with a pure trying pinkish hue, lips in a patriotic crimson. The focus for 1940s eyes is the lashes as mascara had found its place during this decade.

Hair was longer and clean, rendered in a more romantic, softer look than the earlier decade. Simplicity could have been important but not at the expense of trying good. In response to :

“1940’s ladies were asked to do too much, and working for the struggle effort took a toll. However glamour was in, recent from Hollywood, and ladies who had been earning their first paychecks have been also purchasing, dressing elegantly and utilizing cosmetics like film stars. A part of the rationale was that the nation’s women could not afford to look frumpy in a time of warfare; the other purpose for spending a lot time and effort on one’s appearance was to stay somewhat optimistic and optimistic. “Putting a brave face on” was more than an interior course of: carrying makeup and nice clothes was a statement of self-price and confidence. “

As in earlier decades girl seemed to the ladies of the silver display screen for “the look”
Assets on the net for 1940s/WWII hair and make-up

Magnificence in World Battle 2: How Britain’s women stayed glamorous – Telegraph
It was a serious drive of World Struggle Two: to steer Britain’s ladies to be glamorous above all else. A brand new exhibition at the Imperial Battle Museum charts their challenge within the face of a cosmetics blackout

1940s Make-up
Actually good site with pictures and how you can information on hair and makeup.
1940s Vintage Make-up and Swing Dancing Fashions
Informative overview of 1940s hair and makeup without footage

How To apply 1940s Make-up |
How to apply 1940s Make-up. The dames within the 1940s have been ideally ‘naturally lovely,’ not just like the tanned, athletic and fresh-scrubbed 1970s women, however in a soft, feminine and rosy approach. Vivien Leigh, Jennifer Jones, Ava Gardner..

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