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Anime Trend: Hair Types

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Cartoons ‘hime’ is a standard Japanese hairstyle that’s the epitome of traditional magnificence (comparable to golden curls within the west). This model is often comprised of darkish blue, shiny hair, very neatly cut. It’s very long hair (usually to the waist or past) and may or might not have a tuft of shoulder length hair framing every aspect of the face. To add somewhat selection, many manga and anime creators will use a unique colour or different length but keep their character’s hair harking back to the hime lower.

Examples: Hinata (Naruto) Saeko Busujima (Highschool Of The Useless) Chichi (Dragon Ball)
Male Styles
Punch Perm: A hairstyle that looks like a large stereotypical Elvis quiff, the punch perm has a couple of variations, but all are associated with bosozoku biker gangs and yakuza, mostly within the 80’s and 90’s. The punch perm has fallen out of recognition, but it surely is still utilized in anime to represent a certain form of character.

Examples: Tatsuya Himekawa (Beelzebub)
Aippa: A short afro with a widows peek. The aippa hairstyle is very strongly associated with bosozoku biker gangs and yakuza.

Examples: Endless low stage villains, I haven’t seen a lead character with this.
Quick ponytail: This is the male counterpart to Odango. It usually implies that the character carrying this model is Chinese. The hair has no bangs, and is almost at all times drawn with a widow’s peak. It is all the time a very darkish blacK.

Examples: Wufei (Gundam Wing) China (Hetalia) Shao (Psyren)
Shaved heads: Shaved or bald heads in western collection normally implies an evil or militaristic character. In anime, this in need of hair reduce as a substitute implies a similarity to a Buddhist monk (who shave their heads for religious causes), and may imply a personality is studious, religious or devoted.

Examples: Krillin, Tien (Dragonball) Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)
Coloration Coding
In Japan, the place nearly everyone has black hair- any completely different color, even a lighter brown, usually means something. Often, these meanings are carried by to anime.The viewers will often still assume the same factor in regards to the character as they might an actual-life individual with the identical color. There are even stereotypes that exist for the unnatural colours, which have advanced totally in anime, and there are stereotypes for each coloration! Anime creators all use these stereotypes (whether they realise it or not)

Black is the most common hair colour of the japanese people. Though there are shades of dark brown and lighter brown, and very rare blondes- the overall populous has black hair. So this equates to certain things:

Black hair could mean:
1: Normalness. Averageness. The character is just not ‘weird’. So most background characters have black hair.

2: The character is simple to relate to, as a result of lots of individuals in Japan have black hair, too.
3: The character is innocent, or conservative. In Japan only adults will dye their hair- and conventional individuals will not want to.

Examples: Sasuke, (Naruto) Ishida (Bleach) Goku (Dragonball)
Brown is the second most typical hair coloration in Japan, but it surely remains to be quite uncommon. It is the coloration that almost all japanese will dye their hair to. It was considered very rebelious, and folks with brown hair would dye their hair black to look extra regular, however it has turn out to be extra fashionable. You can still discover the ‘rebelious’ characterisation in many anime- even when the anime is new.

Brown hair might imply:
1: In anime where there are lots of bright colors, brown may be just like black, and normal and conservative.

2: Rebeliousness.
3: Lighter shades of brown could counsel dyed hair or glarmourousness.

Examples: Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).
Grey or Silver
Gray or silver is a uncommon colour in anime. In fact, it is often used on the elderly- however it is still typically the haircolor of young individuals. This colour of hair suggests one thing unnatural about the character- maybe they are not human, or don’t behave in a completely regular approach.

Gray or silver hair could mean:
1: Lack of humanity.

2: Lack of feelings.
3: Insanity.

Examples: Sephiroth (Last Fantasy 7) Kabuto (Naruto).Yukio (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
This is kind of much like gray and silver. White’s loads like blond, so is usually recommended to be a ‘normal’ haircolor. All over the world, it’s related to cleanless. In Japan, particularly, the colour white can be strongly associated with dying.

White hair could imply:
1. Innocence, like blonde hair does. However even more innocent.

2. Emotionlessness.
3: Lack of humanity in a magical manner.

4: Lack of humanity in an evil, monstrous manner.
Examples: Angel (Angel Beats) Ukitake (Bleach)

Crimson is a hardly ever seen shade in Japan. It is a dye shade, but it isn’t as standard as brown or blonde, especially with rebelious types. The which means of red hair may be very similar to that of the west, in all probability as a result of that’s the type of purple haired character that the majority japanese see or have seen earlier than making anime.

Red hair may imply:
1: In Japan, crimson hair is most often seen on glamorous models.

2: Fiery tempers are normal for a redhead.
3: Redheads are sometimes beautiful.

4: Redheads are often evil, (the association with blood stands all over the place!)
Examples: Gaara, Kushina (Naruto), Grell, Madam Purple (Black Butler)

Orange (ginger)
Orange hair is a really rare color in actual life, and completely overseas to the japanese. They deal with it in a very similar technique to blonde hair.

Orange hair might imply:
1. In Japan, ginger is a shade you get from dye. So thugs and glamour ladies are possible to use it.

2: Orange haired folks in anime hardly ever have pale skin or freckles.
3: Orange haired folks in anime are by no means bullied for being ginger.

Examples: Ichigo, Orihime, Matsumoto (Bleach) Juugo, Nagato (Naruto)
Yellow (blonde)
In Japan this coloration is named ‘yellow’ or ‘gold’, as a result of ‘blonde’ is not a traditional word to the japanese. It is copied human hair weave brands that last long lots of its which means from western tv- however that is probably as a result of that’s the place japanese people see blonde people.

Yellow hair could mean:
1: Blonde is commonly a dyed coloration, especially in Japan. It’s a very unnatural in Japan, so punks and glamour ladies are more likely to have it.

2: Blonde is used to signify innocence (like within the west)
3: Blonde is used for very energetic characters!!!!!!!

Examples: Naruto (Naruto) Serena (Sailor Moon)
Inexperienced isn’t a pure hair shade.. wherever. However in anime, it’s fairly widespread. Moreover, it is usually handled like a shade of brown or black. Inexperienced might be used for background characters.

Green hair may mean:
1: If dark green, the character is just not essential (most important characters rarely ever have green)

2: If mild green, the character might be very unusual.
Examples: Zoro (One Piece) Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)

Though blue hair does not exist in actual life, (it is a well-liked dye color) in anime it’s virtually all the time handled as black, as a result of it’s so related. Bue is less complicated to animate and color than black, too, so typically characters desribed as having ‘black’ hair will have something that looks blue.

Blue hair could mean:
1: The character is normal.

2: The character is straightforward to relate to, because of their relatively normal hair colour.
3: The character is innocent, or conservative. In Japan solely adults will dye their hair- and conventional individuals won’t wish to. As blue represents black, it has this similar which means.

Examples: Hinata (Naruto- anime solely) Konata (Fortunate Star) Kai (Beyblade) Grimmjow (Bleach)
Violet (and purple)
Purple or violet coloured hair is most frequently colored in very darkish, and very similar to black. It can make typical black japanese hair extra attention-grabbing. It does nevertheless, tend to counsel a few things:

Purple or violet hair could mean:
1: The character may be magical in someway

2: The character might be royalty or an heir (even in Japan, purple is royal)
Examples: Yoruichi (Bleach) Trunks (DragonballZ)

Pink hair, clearly would not exist in real life, aside from hair dyes (usually accidents!) the different shades of pink are treated fairly differently.

Pink hair could mean:
1: The character is sort of life like, brownish-pinks might be used to symbolize brown hair.

2: Bright pink is handled like purple hair.
3: Mild pink is treated like blonde. It may possibly signify purity and youth.

4: Gentle pink is usually used ironically. It’s well-liked for evil characters.
Examples: Sakura (Naruto) Mew Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) Szayel Aporro Grantz, Yachiru (Bleach) Natsu (Fairy Tail)

Other than this..
This checklist isn’t set in stone, it’s only a information as to why certain characters have similar hair colors and personalities in anime.

Generally a mode of hair is extra essential than the colour, or the shade isn’t vital in defining the character. Typically a hair is 2 or more colours- during which case it is determined by exactly how a lot of what coloration is used.

And there’s all the time the ‘design primarily based on’ type of character. Like a blond man may have a ‘design primarily based on’ a lion. He will not be innocent or energetic- as a substitute he’ll be- like a lion. Or a blue or white haired guy has water or ice related superpowers— he is not evil, he’s simply meant to look icy.These are common, but there are just too many objects and animals and atmospheric phenomina to list. If ia character’s hair reminds you of- say, a cat’s ears- it is probably meant to.

All the Shade, None of the Fuss!
These are nice for parties, and anime conventions- or just a few halloween enjoyable. Those who’re marked ‘kanekalon’ even seem like real hair!

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If you happen to were an anime character, what coloration hair do you think you’d you’ve

Grey (or silver)


Orange (ginger)

Yellow (blonde, or gold)

Violet (or purple)


See outcomes From Anime To Real Life
Though most anime types are based on actual life, the truth that hair needs to be simplified, and unique in form, implies that there are plenty of characters with strange, spiky or extravegant kinds. Some are literally quite simple to realize in real life! (although, I don’t advocate sporting them to school, or worse, work. Until you’ve a really cool job.)

Traditional Spikes
Referred to as ‘tsuntsun’ (spikey!) hair in Japan. You can do the first steps on this to get actual life tsuntsun hair, or you are able to do all of the steps to get anime tsuntsun hair (with the separated spikes). It’s the basic approach for all spiky anime hairstyles. It really works on all types of hair, so long as the haircut is brief enough, and the hair is either naturally straight or pre-straightened.

Sujimori Spikes
Sujimori type of means ‘excited’ hair. It is a hairstyle with clearly separated spikes of hair which flop gently over the top. It is quite a new vogue, and though it’s received little or no to do with anime, it makes a terrific actual life anime fashion. To be trustworthy cosplayers have been using this for years, as a result of it works actually nice on plastic wigs, so it’s fascinating to see it be used for regular fashion hair!

Massive Pigtails
Youtube and Japan Dance Idol Beckii Merciless has completed a couple of vogue movies. This one specifically is fairly superior and a creates some very impressive pigtails with caucasian hair.

Cute Pigtails
With youtube guru x3Hara (all her model movies are superior). These’re pigtail techniques that add volume and cuteness. Nice, fast methods for long hair.

Cute, Colorful Curls!
If the tutorials look exhausting, and also you need a hairstyle you can keep and reuse over and over, a prestyled wig is a variety of enjoyable. These cute ones go great with sailor uniforms or lolita dresses.

Clip In Fashion
Clip in hair extensions are a good way to essentially add up the amount of your hair with out doing it any damage, and they are often put on or taken off very simply. The most effective trying extensions are human hair, although a mix that’s partially plastic hair will still look pure too.

Cute It Up
Once you’ve got received your fashion right, a few cute hair clips like this will actually complete your look. Bigs bows, flowers and cute ribbons are a typical characteristic of ladies’ anime hairstyles. I find these are rather a lot simpler to purchase online than in trend outlets, as a result of trend shops are inclined to stick to extra regular clips and scrunchies.

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