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Career in nursing/career in nursing field, nursing salary, nursing school, nursing tips in details

Career in nursing/career in nursing field, nursing salary, nursing school, nursing tips in details

Nursing Introduction
There is no need to say anything about nursing. We all know how great and sacred it is. Although it has been running for ages, it is known as a nursing profession with the work of great English nurse Florence Nightingale. This goddess of mercy is considered to be the father of modern nursing profession.
American Nurses Association says “Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities; prevention of illness and injury; alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses; and advocacy in health care for individuals, families, communities, and populations”. —American Nurses Association
Care of all types of physical and mental patients is called nursing.

Nursing skills                                                                                           
 Nurses have to take continuous care of the patients and give the prescribed time to the medicines given by the doctor.
 They also assist in the combination of medical doctors and specialists in the Operation Theater (O.T) and laboratories in the laboratory.

Nurses also help those patients who cannot live a normal life for some reason and they help patients return to normal life in the event of a prolonged illness.
 In addition to these normal activities, nurses can also get expertise in the following areas: care in childbirth, heart disease, intensive care, handicap and child care etc.

Nurse is not only about caring for sick people. There are other available opportunities for nurses: Job related to teaching, administration research. The most interesting fact of this area is that most of the women are there, though now men have started showing interest in this profession.

People wishing to become nurse (nurses) can start this from different levels. You can start with the Assistant Nurses Midwife / Health Worker (ANM) course. The duration of this diploma course is one-and-a-half years and the minimum qualification is- Tenth pass.

 Apart from this, you can also do the General Nurses Midwifery (GNM) course, which is for three and a half years and has the minimum qualification for it - with 20 per cent marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

In addition to ANM and GNM, graduates can also be nursing from various nursing schools and colleges spread across the country. There is a minimum qualification for this - 12 per cent in English, physical, chemical and biology with 45 per cent marks and at least 17 years of age. For BSc Nursing (After Basic) course you can choose between two year regular course and one of the three yearly distance learning courses. For the regular course where there is a minimum qualification - 10 + 2 + GNM, there is a minimum qualification for doing this course from distance learning - 10 + 2 + GNM + two years experience. This post Basic B.Sc. Nursing course is considered as the only modern.

GNM or BSc is enough to get a job in any of the medical institutes. In each state there are different organizations registering nurses. After receiving the education, you can register yourself in the nursing council of your state. Registration helps you get jobs.
In addition to the basic course of nursing, you can also take specialization in the following areas by doing a Post-Basic Specialty (one-year diploma) course:
1. Cardiac thoracic nursing
2. Critical-Care Nursing
3. Emergency and Disaster Nursing
4. New-born child's nursing (Neo-Natal Nursing)
5. Nursing Nursery (Neuro Nursing)
6. Nursing Education & Administration
7. Cancer Disease (Oncology Nursing)
8. Operation-Room Nursing
9. Disabled Medical Nursing
10. Mid Wife Practitioner
11. Psychiatric Nursing
Students who want to receive the highest education can also do MSc, MPhil and PhD.

If you want to make your profession only for nursing, it will be better to apply for ANM course after 10th; otherwise you can do GNM or BSc course after doing schooling.

How much will it cost?
The cost of nursing education depends on the institution. Government and government-assisted colleges provide education at a lower rate than private institutions. Private institutions charge annual fees of 40,000 to 1,80,000 for the BSc Nursing course. There is a fee for the GNM course - between 45,000 and 1,40,000

Scholarship provide
Many institutes provide scholarships to meritorious students on merit basis. Scholarship and its duration vary in different institutions.

Employment opportunities/ nursing job

Nurse is never left unemployed They easily get jobs in public or private hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, old age homes, health centers, various other industries and defense services. There are many opportunities for them in the Indian Red Cross Society, Indian Nursing Council, State Nursing Councils and other nursing institutes. Even after the ANM course, they get jobs as primary health workers at first aid centers spread across the country.

Nurses can do administrative work in addition to teaching work in medical colleges and nursing schools. Entrepreneurs can start their own nursing bureau and work on their own terms.
In addition to the immense opportunities available in the country, nurses can also go abroad in search of better opportunities, for which they have to get an international nursing certificate and to follow certain conditions of stay in the respective country.

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March 29, 2019

To study abroad, then prepare for PTE exam, learn in detail

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To study abroad, then prepare for PTE exam, learn in detail

Best Tips For PTE examEvery international student who wants to study or settle in Australia has to give a PTE test.  Earlier, IELTS was only to test the English language qualification but now PTE has got recognition.
PTE's full form is Pearson Test of English.
PTE is a fully computerized test. Its result is very soon, usually within 5 working days. For those who are in a hurry, this test is more suitable for them.
During the three-hour test, the English language test is used in everyday use. There are no high level English questions. It tests the ability to speak and understand the students.

PTE Exam Fee
The standard fees of PTE exam are 11,271 rupees and 18 percent GST. A total of Rs 13,300 will be given to GST.
If you apply late for exam, then the Late booking fee will be 18 percent GST with Rs 14,089 ie that you have to pay a total of 16,625 rupees.

How to register for PTE?
1. Go to the official website of Pte and click Create your account
2. Enter your Personal Debit according to Passport
3. You will receive a mail within two days of completion of the online registration process, which will be login
4. After login, visit PTE website and click on Sign in to enter login details. After that click on the Schedule exam
5. Choose your preferred test center according to your location.
6. Then choose the appropriate date and time
7. After confirming your location, date and time, you will be asked a few questions.
8. Make a payment in the next step
9. When you complete your booking you will receive a mail that mentions the location of the test center.

You must be at least 16 years old to give PTE analytical test. If you are under 16 years of age, you must first obtain the written consent of the parent or guardian.
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Importance of education in student life/ Education can change life style

Importance of education in student life/ Education can change life style

Education for every country is very important education starts from home and continues throughout life. There are many reasons for people to be educated, this helps them learn new things, get a good job and lead a respectable life in society. The more educated the person is, the more success or the likelihood of his life.

1. Save from diseases and bad habits
Education is also important for other reasons; education helps us lead a good and healthy life. Education helps us to learn about the different types of food usage and how to use them. It also educates us how we can save ourselves from diseases and stay away from bad habits. Education is also important for us and our country to defend.

2. Education sources
Our first teacher is our parents, they teach us how to speak our mother tongue and identify things around us. Teachers and professors Career guidance plays an important role in our lives, which teach us various important and specific topics. Education helps us to know the rules and regulations and makes responsible citizens of our country.

3. Question about education
Everyone knows that education is very important for our lives. With education we can do a lot of things nowadays education is the basic requirement for everything we want to do if we need to work, our employers will ask about our education. When the marriage is going on, our educational qualifications from the bride or the bride's family will also ask. We need education to succeed in life and earn money.

4. Awareness
There are many reasons why people need education; its main reason is that we should be aware and aware of things that affect our daily lives. All human beings are needed to know what is happening, to know that they can plan for the future and take any steps to deal with immediate problems and situations. Nowadays there is a huge choice of education. People can study to become engineers, doctors, accountants, computer experts, government employees and many other businesses.

5. Happiness
The importance of education can be understood by the fact that educated people, who are inefficient, live happier lives than them. With good education we can make a great career and earn more money. The importance of education can also be seen by the fact that less educated people do small jobs and earn lesser wages.

6. Create modern world
All the great leaders, scientists, doctors and engineers of this world are educated people. Therefore, we can see that education has helped in shaping the modern world, because today we can see it. Without education, whatever happiness and luxury we enjoy today, it is not possible. Education is very important in our life because we need it everywhere - as long as we wake up to sleep.

7. Ancientness
Imagine a world where everyone is illiterate, maybe we will ever wear clothes or eat delicious food. Probably, we used to roam in the jungle and climb the mountains, hunting for meat with wild animals leaves, roots and fruits.

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March 15, 2019

Some powerful Success Tips for successful future

Some powerful Success Tips for successful future

Today we will tell you some tips that will help you become successful in the future.
If these tips apply to your daily life then you will always be successful in your business or job.

1) Do whatever you do best:
 Try to make the best of what you are given. Your every job represents you. That's why, do your 100% performance in every work. You do not have any competition with anyone else. You should focus on getting better output than what you did last time.

2) Do not complain:
If we are not ready to solve the question, then we also become part of that question. Problems are themselves done. That is why leaving the complaint in front of leaving the situation, you should concentrate on work.

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March 12, 2019

Now No need to go to the parlor again and again

Now No need to go to the parlor again and again

There is also a great way to get stylish looks in less cost. If you are surprised to see a girl's long dense hairs and think how such a thing is possible, then tell that, Amazing cannot be of their black hair, but of the wig.
These days’ girls are taking great interest in using wigs as a fashion. It has made it easier for them to find the hair and their style.
Stylish girls are crowded in the market at the professional level, wigs have already been used.
From Hollywood to TV artists wear wigs. But, now girls are crazy for it. Wig's Textures are more like to Girls. Even after giving special hair treatments, they do not get the kind of texture and style they get from the wig.

Face and wig
The girls who are coming to buy wig in the market Guidance is also being given to them according to their faces and personality.
Many times they come by looking in advance or looking at a celebrity.
Nowadays there is a lot of demand for curls, straight and short hair.
The shopkeeper says that we give full time to the customer and our experts show them different wigs, which give color and style suit according to their face and personality.
It does not take much time to wear and remove them.

Care essential
1. The special thing of these wigs is that they are absolutely natural. You will also have a hairy smoothness in them.
2. The advantage of human hair is that you can wash it, if you want to add a color on your side, then it is also possible.

3. Experts say that any kind of wig you take, but it remains smooth and shine, care for it is very important.
4. After removing, keep it clean with wide tooth comb.
5. If you want to clean the natural wig made of real hair, then use only cold water.
6. This hair can be damage with hot water or any hot styling tool.

Just one time investment
1. it’s also a great option to save your money.
2. If you have to go to a wedding, reception or party, then you do not have to spend two or three thousand rupees going to the parlor again and again.
3. Once you buy the wig, you can use it in many different parties.
4. Just learn how to apply it.
5. Wigs in the market are available in different prices.                            
6. They also have different quality.
7. The wig which is shiny, light and smooth, the higher its rate.
March 12, 2019

Singapore, is the new hub of education

Singapore, is the new hub of education

Regarding Singapore being seen as an emerging hub of education, Education Consultant says that there is a preference for innovation here. Consulting firm Solidians in 2013, in terms of innovation, Singapore is the top in the entire Asia-Pacific region.
 The universities of this country have got place in the list of best institutions. In a recent study, the National University of Singapore was ranked as the top university in Asia. To make education an international level, here, an alliance has been organized with many famous Western institutions. International Faculty is also available. Dr. Srinivas's Reddy, who became the director of the Center for Marketing Excellence in Singapore Management University, excluded the American capital, says that the curriculum in this country is according to the global norms and there is considerable focus on research.
Open Government Institute's infrastructure has proven to be beneficial for vocational courses in Singapore's Institute of Technical Education. A large part of this institute has been given to retail outlets, where the general public makes a purchase.
In these shops, the students of the work institute do the same. Students take training in salon, bakery, and real shops of optical. Their practical training connects them directly to the industry.
Countries with similar natural resources Singapore Human Resources is considered to be the only capital. In this case, education is seen as a key for knowledge based economy. Because of the availability of good talents here, multinational companies have made their own centers. According to one estimate, 87 thousand international students are studying in Singapore.

What is special in Singapore?
1. Safety:
Image is better than Australia. Due to low rates of crime night life makes life easier.

2. Language:
 English seen in British rule is good for English speakers. There is also Little India, where the presence of people of Indian origin, food and food is available.

3. Spending:
 The cost of studies is less compared to western countries. Here the government is spending a lot of money on improving the structure of education.

4. Distance:
 Less distance from western countries is attracting Indian students here. Singapore's flight is only about five and a half hours.

5. Employment:
 Due to being a developed economy, there is no shortage of employment. The ease of getting work permits is also an attraction here.
March 12, 2019

If you want to study abroad, then scholarships are available in these institutions

If you want to study abroad, then scholarships are available in these institutions

(Scholarship for foreign studies) education desk
Many institutes have started scholarship programs, students can apply to study abroad.
In today's Competitive World, every student has a dream to go abroad, but due to economic difficulties it is not possible for everyone. Many large institutes have started scholarships programs in which eligible students can study abroad.

1. NUS Graduate School Scholarship
Who can apply?
Graduate and Postgraduate students, who want financial assistance from PhD in subjects related to science, engineering, computing and medicines from the National University of Singapore.

Have a GRE test and be fluent in English with a valid IELTS or Taufel score.

Amount -
 3 thousand Singapore dollars per month, full tuition fees and other benefits will be available for four years.

Amrut Scholarship for Disability Studies
Who can apply?
 Postgraduate students from Social Work, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Pediatrics, Community Medicine, Economics, Management or related topics, who are interested in doing research work on Divya.

Eligibility –
Candidates up to the age of 40 years, who have completed master level thesis on Divya subject in India in the current year.
Amount –
10 thousand rupees and 2 months internship.