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How To Get Rid of baldness

How To Get Rid of baldness

How to get rid of bald hair/How to get rid of bald head

To overcome baldness, nowadays there are many advanced technologies in the market. Normally this whole process is called hair restoration.
There are two ways/methods of hair restoration.
First surgical and second non-surgical
1. Surgical
Hair transplantation comes under the surgical restoration.
2. Non-surgical
 Non-surgical restoration involves hair weaving, bonding, silicon systems and tapping.
According to experts, these methods are absolutely safe.

  Let us know about these methods………
Surgical method: What is hair transplantation?
Hair transplantation is an artistic and surgical method, with the help of the back and side part of the head, bearded, chest etc., is implanted in the bald part of the head with hair.
These implanted hairs are Permanent. The reason is that the hair from the back and side parts of the head usually does not fall.
They begin to grow after about two weeks of implantation and after one year they begin to see full impression and they look like natural hair.
The beauty of these hairs is that they are permanent and live life, although some cases have also been seen in which these hair ends with aging.
The area from which to go for hair is called donor area. Soldiers are taken after taking the hair. After a few days, that place becomes normal.

How hair transplantation occurs
Strip method:
 The first patient is given local anesthesia. After that, a half inch strip is removed from the donor area and it is implanted in that part of the head, where there is baldness. A strip of half inch can usually have follicles of two to two and a half thousand, and in a follicle there are two to three hair roots. After implanting, the stitches are dissolved in the donor area itself. This place becomes normal after a few days. In the area where the hair is applied, the straps are applied for one night, which can be removed in the clinic next day or remove the patient or even remove himself. As far as the pain is concerned, it is the same as it is in injection (to rub the head here). Due to the numbness of the head, there is no pain afterwards.

SUE Method:
In strip method, where the donor area is implanted with a strip, while the Sue method is implanted with a single follicle. In one sitting it takes 6 to 8 hours. In this, until 2000, the follicles are inserted. There is no need to be admitted if baldness does not go away, then the patient can be called for a second sitting. The second setting takes place after six months to one year.

Types of surgery
There are a number of applications for hair transplant surgery, including:
1. Androgenetic alopecia
2. Eyebrow transplant
3. Frontal hair line lowering or reconstruction

How much is the cost of hair transplantation
In the Sue method 120 to 150 rupees ($ 2) per follicles. The reason for being expensive is that the doctor has to do all the work in it. One has to be rooted out of the root, whereas Strip method also makes a lot of technicians even in work. Strip method costs 60 to 65 rupees ($ 1) per floral.

How to Care After Transplantation
Hair coming after hair transplantation is exactly like your natural hair. They will grow exactly like natural hair. In such a way that natural hair is monitored, they are in the same way.
1. You can cut them, shampoo, and apply oil and even comb.
2. You can paint these hairs or give them the desired style. You can also cut them. After some days they will come again.
3.  Hair transplants that have been transplanted, they remain soft. They do not fall. Although in some cases it has been observed that these hair starts falling apart as the aging progresses.
4.  Since hair is naturally grown so the look of the hair remains thin. Many people adopt both surgical and non-surgical methods.

Tell the Doctor before Transplantation
1.  There is no chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic disorders.
2.  If there is an electronic device like a pacemaker in the body
3. Allergic to certain drugs.
4. If you are taking any medicines for a particular disease.

Know this before transplantation
The problem is that the normal hair of other parts of your head may continue to fall at the speed of the first time. In spite of transplantation, there is a need to continue taking certain medicines, so that the rest of the hair can be saved from falling or the speed of their fall can be reduced. After the transplantation, if the hair continues to fall, then the patient has the option of transplanting at that place, but it must be seen whether he has enough hair left over the donor area. Transplantation is not possible in the case of non-availability of hair on the donor area. If there are hair, then you can do it.

Non-Surgical Method:
1. Hair weaving, 2. Bonding 3. Silicon systems and tapping
Hair weaving
Hair weaving is such a technique, through which normal human hair or synthetic hair is weaved on that part of the scalp, where there is baldness. The hair which is usually sold after haircutting is sold to the Hair Manufacturer. After that these hair is used in weaving work. These are slightly expensive, whereas synthetic hair on the other hand is slightly cheaper than normal hair. Synthetic hair is made of many types of synthetic fibers.

How is hair weaving?
Wherever there is no hair, there is a hair unit installed. For this, with the help of three-headed hair on the head, make a base through the machine and thread. The hair unit is stitched over this base. This whole process takes about two hours and completes the work in a single sitting. After one and a half months, when your original hair grows, the base becomes loose, due to which the stitched units also become loose. They have to go to Expert to fix them.
These hairs are semi-permanent. After 15 days, they have to be serviced. Serving takes two hours to work.
1.  Those who manage properly, they need service after two months.
2.  Care is to be done exactly like the natural hair. Do not use oil. Coarsely tooth combs are used.
3.  Every 15 days of service will cost up to Rs 500 to 1500 rupees.
4.  Their life is low. Moves from six months to a year. Though good care is taken, it can last for four years. Once the hair is worn, weighing the full processor of weaving has to be repeated.
5.  It hurts to many patients in the processor and this pain stays for a whole day, which is given to reduce painkillers.

Bonding is also a non-surgical method. This is called clipping system.
In this, the hair unit is clipped in three sides. This clip is placed from inside the unit. With the help of this clip the unit is attached to the hair already present. They can put them in the day and keep the night open, but it is up to your convenience. It is not necessary to do this.

No need to serve. Hair can be cut, but the hairdresser should know what your original and fake hair are. According to him, he has to cut the cut. The processor takes 1 hour and there is no pain in it. Once bad, you can do it again.

Silicon system
If you do not want even pain and do not want bonding then you can adopt this system.
In this, the surrounding oriental hair is trimmed. After this, put glue (silicone gel) on it and then sticks the hair unit on it.
It remains fixed from one to one and a half months and then starts to lose. There is a need to serve in such a way. The service takes one and a half hours and its fees are 1000 to 1500 rupees.

It is also a non-surgical method in which hair units are used. The method of using is different.
In this processor a tape is used, which is stuck on both sides and is transparent. This common man is not noticed. One of the two sticky ends appears in the head and in the second unit.
It also requires service after 15 days. But the advantage in this is that some ways can be learned in the salon by offering some fees and then can be serviced automatically every 15 days. For those who live outside the country, this method is justifiable.

Important note:
The cost of these four methods depends on the quality of the hair being weighed, not on the condition of baldness or the method. According to the quality of the hair, it usually costs between five thousand and 80 thousand rupees.

The way the first wig was used, the advanced version of it is still used, but there is a difference between hair weaving and wig. Hair weaving is done only where there is baldness, while the wig is worn completely from the forehead line to the ear line, even though there is baldness anywhere. Nowadays, people tend to wear less because they wear this tightly.

Be Careful
Although there are no special and permanent side effects or disadvantages of the methods mentioned above the hair restoration, some patients may experience various problems. Here are these:
1. Original hair already pre-hair restoration can be thin for some time. This situation is known as shock loss or shading. After some time this condition is recovering on its own.
2.  The scalp can be numb or loose in it. It also cures itself in a few months.
3.  Headache or itching can be complicated.
4.  Infections are also suspected, which can be cured by antibiotics in no time.
5.  Swelling may come on the eyes and forehead for a few days.
Most of the films actor's have adopted the surgical method for the frontal and non-surgical for the other parts of the head.

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