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Diet tips for healthy hair Tips for healthy hairs

Diet tips for healthy hairTips for healthy hairs

Who does not like the beautiful, strong and dense hair? You will have many ways to eliminate problems related to your hair and bring hair glow. But if you cannot find the right result then you need to focus on diet.

1. Egg
Eggs contain proteins and amino acids, vitamins (A, D and E) and minerals, which are extremely important for good health of the hair.

2. Almond
Almond is a boon for hair. Iron, copper, phosphorus, vitamins B1 and protein are abundant in them. By adding 2-3 t spoon almond milk in almond oil, they are strong and dense by applying on the skin of the head / hairs.

3.  Citrus fruit:
Citrus or citric fruits are extremely beneficial for your skin as well as for hair. Regularly eat fruits like orange, grapes and lemon, this is considered to be the best berries for special hair.

4. Beans
If you want to make hair healthy, it is a good choice to include beans in your diet. If you consume 100 grams of black beans every day in your diet, then it consumes 7 percent zinc reduction.

5. Soybean
Include soybeans in your diet to keep hair healthy and long. If your hair breaks, falls and dry, then by consuming soybean seeds daily, you can get rid of all these problems by sitting at home.

6. Avocado
If you want good health of hair, then avocado should be consumed daily. Vitamin C and Vitamin E present in avocado make healthier by improving your hair health.

7. Green vegetables and beans:
Vegetables and beans like hyacinth, jaljira, spinach, cauliflower, fenugreek and coriander are very beneficial for your hair. Chawl pods, barked pods such as legumes can also return the beauty of hair.

8.  Pulses:
Do not eat only one type of pulse every day but eat all types of pulses like tur, moong, urad, lentil, soya bean etc. Keep in mind that the powder should be polished without pulse.

9 Sardine and Salmon:
 If you are non-vegetarian then this is highly beneficial for your hair. The hair is beautiful, dense and strong with its intake.

10. Carrot
Vitamin A is found in carrots, it is very beneficial for hair. By eating carrots, the hair is healthy and bright.                                 

11. Gooseberry
This is the most special for hair. By regular consumption of it, hair is black and dense. If you want, it can be boiled in hair oil and also used in hair massage. Within a few days the difference will be visible.

Nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin B and Iron are found in whole grains, which are very important for hair.  Zinc operates the hormones that make the hair strong, thick and long.

Some tips to healthy hairs
1. Eat 5 almonds each night with water do not peel them. It strengthens the hair.
2. Eating a bowl of sprouts every day is also beneficial.
3. Take chicken and eggs to keep protein intake in the body.
4. Prevent excessive amount of tea and coffee in the day.
5. Eat green vegetables. Do more to eat spinach etc.
6. Drink the empty stomach with a glass of water, linseed. Drinking it will give your body plenty of omega-3 and your hair will grow.
7. Eat Gooseberry every day.
8. When you are washing the head, and then add one spoon of lime juice in that water. This will help your hair to be shiny and drugged.

Experts say that
1. Egg is beneficial for healthy hair
2. Nourishing diet for healthy hair is spinach -
3. For Healthy hair should eat sweet potato -
4. Suitable diet for hair is a consumption of nuts -
5. Eat Citrus fruits For Healthy Hair -
6. The diet required for healthy hair Soybean-

7. Suitable diet for hair Avocado-

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