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Learn from Top Dietitian, How to Maintain Yourself Fit & Healthy

Learn from Top Dietitian, How to Maintain Yourself Fit & Healthy

People prefer to get advice on Dietitians to keep themselves fit. Today we are telling you that the diet itself follows the diet.
Dietitian advice is considered to be a fit for taking a diet.
We get detailed information about their routine and diet from Famous Dietitian.
You can keep yourself fit and healthy while taking inspiration from the diet of these Dietitians.

These 6 things of Top Diet are Common:
1. At least 7 hours of sleep is necessary.
2. Do not drink cold water in the freeze even in summer and drink warm water in the winter
3. Seasonal fruit-vegetables first choice
4. Salad cooked food, not outside
5. Lime, Amla juice must be in daily diet. No cold drinks at all.
6. Pranayam (yoga) too important.

What should be the first thing after getting up in the morning?
Drink 1 teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder (one pinch) with half lemon juice in 1 glass lukewarm water.
It keeps the metabolism right throughout the day.
At night, the water should be kept in a copper vessel and should be taken in the morning as well.
After that, drink one glass of water mixed with one lemon juice and one spoon honey.
After 5 minutes, you should eat a total of 5-7 grains of nuts, wall nuts, pistachios etc.

How much tea should you drink?
 3 to 4 cups throughout the day.
The first tea should drink in the form of a green tea.
Black tea with lemon and honey thrice a day.
Or a green tea some time before lunch and a normal tea throughout the day.

 What must be breakfast?
A glass juice containing carrots, amla, beetroot, guava and apples etc.
At 8:30 p.m. after tea immediately in the morning. It should eat Missy Roti or porridge or bread and 1 to 2 boiled eggs.

How much water should be consumed throughout the day?

Lukewarm water in the winter and normal in summer
Do not drink water from the fridge
1/2 to 2 liters throughout the day the amount of quantity increases in summer.
No water in between meals
One glass must be taken half an hour before eating.
Leave the lemon peel in normal water and leave it at night and drink it from morning to night only. It provides antioxidants and some vitamins in it.

When should I eat fruit?
Between breakfast and lunch, apples, oranges, grapes etc. should be 100 grams of fruit
Or one fruit (100 to 150 grams) in the afternoon.
Or a guava or papaya or berry is almost 100 grams.

Cold drinks and soup?
Never drink cold drink.
In the summer lemon water is a glass of veg soup or chicken soup in a small bowl (100 to 150ml).

What time should I have lunch?
What to eat in lunch?
Between 1 to 2 a.m. eat multigrain (millet, wheat etc.) flour made of 2-3 roti, seasonal green vegetable, salad and curd.
Lentils of moong / masoor etc. One big bowl (200ml), seasonal green vegetable, chopped salad of home without salt, 2 roti (multigrain flour) and curd 100 grams

When should you have dinner?
What to eat in dinner
Soup with low oil Green vegetable or chicken or fish

What should be kept in mind at the time of the eating?
Chewing one byte 10 to 12 times
Before eating, tension should be removed from the mind
Finish the whole meal in less than 15 minutes.
Don’t Eating while talking on the phone, watching TV or playing a game

How many times do you eat outside?
1 time in a week.
Just during travel.
Not more than 1 time in a week and that too is compulsion.

Pizza, burgers, biscuits and pickles should be taken or not?
Pizza and burgers should not be eaten.
Eat biscuits 1 or 2 times in 15 days.

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