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The Ultimate Wig Guidelines for Beginners

The Ultimate Wig Guidelines for Beginners

The credit for starting Wings Trend goes to American model Kylie Jenner.
Wigs are quite fun. These can make your natural hair look different without damaging the clothes or without a bite. Many people wear wigs due to illness. People often use wigs in hair condition due to chemotherapy or hormonal disturbances.

Types of Wigs -                                                                  
 They are of two types - Wig made from human hair and wig made of synthetic hair. Both have their own losses and advantages. Wings made of human hair seem more natural and last for 5 years. But they come quite expensive. According to length and style, they are priced at 2700-25000 rupees. At the same time, synthetic hair is more economical. They come in 1800-5000 rupees, but they can last for 3-6 months only. Another deficiency is that it cannot be styled in more ways.

How are wigs made -
 There are also two ways to make wigs - one hand is made (hand-tide) and from another machine (machine-made). In 100% hand-typed wig, hair is hand-held in a wig cap. This wig gives the most natural look. Like natural hair, you can comb your hair in some way and style hair differently. Hair-capped or nylon strips are stitched for machine-made wigs. These wigs are more economical.

What to do before buying a wig -
 Before buying a wig, check that it fits perfectly into your head (measure your head and get complete information about that wig). Try to get the hairline of the natural-looking hairline. If you are just wearing a wig for fashion and style, you can also take half-wig so that your natural hair will look forward. But keep in mind that the texture and color of your natural hair and wig match.

Wear Wig -
 Your hair should be clean and flat on the bottom. Always keep the cap worn because it helps to set the wig. Put the wig on your head and fix it with a comb with it. Simultaneously, keep these things in mind for care of the wig.

Comb -
 Combine the wig before wearing it, not later. If the wig is more curly then do not comb it too much, otherwise its notes will get spoiled.

Wig washing -
 It is important to wash regularly wigs, because your sweat bacteria and dead skin damage them. Most of the wigs are used to wash it and the necessary precautions are also written. In general, ordinary shampoos can be used to wash the wig, but do not place the conditioner after this. Also keep your wig away from hair oil, gel and hair spray. According to the brand of wig, if they allow the use of 'non-oily wig maintenance spray', then it can be used.

Cutting and coloring the wig -
If you are bored with the color of your wig, then it cannot be painted (mostly wigs) or dye. You will have to buy a new wig for this. If you want to try a new haircut on your wig, instead of trying it at home, get it done with a good hairdresser that has complete knowledge about the wig.

Styling –
 Like your natural hair, you cannot style or blow-dry your wig. Winters get damaged due to warming. Similarly, try to avoid sunlight in the afternoon in the summer season.

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