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Career in Financial Management

Career in Financial Management

What is the Financial Management Course?
Career in Financial Management
Financial Management Course is affiliated with the planning of strategies for financial planning, accounting and profitable development of the organization.

The aim of these courses is to provide financial skills to the students / candidates so that the budget can be prepared with the determination of resources for different departments of the organization.

 Whether it is banking, financial services, NBFCs or any industry related to corporate, the financial management course includes all the topics and issues that develop your understanding of all these fields as well as other fields or issues to master your issues.

What does the Financial Management do?
The job of the finance manager is to present financial reports and to infuse the financial information so that management can make all the necessary decisions based on the financial condition and strength of the organization.

 Finance managers are also busy creating strategies to strengthen the organization's financial health or economic status.

 They do all the work related to cost, pricing, variable contributes, sales and revenues so that the profits of the organization can be increased continuously.

To run smoothly all the activities of any organization, a finance manager is the 'life line' of that organization.

Types of financial management courses?

After passing your 10 + 2 class you can do Financial Management Courses. If you do not want to spend too much time to do undergraduate courses then you can do diploma courses.

However, if you want to get higher studies, taking admission in the undergraduate course will prove to be a great decision. The details of various types of courses in the field of Financial Management are given below:

1. Diploma Courses in Financial Management

Students can do diploma course immediately after passing 10 + 2 classes. The duration of this course is 1 year.

2. Undergraduate Courses in Financial Management
The term of undergraduate courses in Financial Management is 3 years. Undergraduate course in Financial Management is known as BBA Degree.

3. Postgraduate Courses in Financial Management
The postgraduate course in Financial Management is 2 years. This degree is commonly known as the MA / MBA degree in Financial Management.

4. Doctoral Courses in Financial Management
After obtaining a postgraduate degree in an affiliate subject, you can get a Doctorate course in Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Financial Management. The duration of the doctoral course is 3-4 years.

How to get admission in Financial Management Courses?
Each college / institution has its own separate Entrepreneurship Examination, Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process.
Therefore, it is very important for you to get information about the necessary conditions related to these courses to get admission in these financial courses.

Eligibility criteria
The first step in the admission process is the Eligibility Criteria. If you get complete information about the Criteria mentioned in this section, then you can apply it very easily for the said course. Therefore, to apply for the Financial Management Course, let's get information about the eligibility criteria set for each level:

1. Diploma level
After passing the 10 + 2 class you can do diploma course in Financial Management. This diploma level course includes basic details about fixed and working capital required for financial markets, corporate finance and business.

2. Undergraduate level
In the undergraduate level course, you can take admission after passing your 10 + 2 class in any subject. Usually students, who have passed the 12th class commerce subject, are given preference in admission.

3. Postgraduate level
After completing graduation with a minimum percentage of 50% from a recognized university / college, you can apply for Postgraduate course in Financial Management.

4. Doctoral level
In the field of Financial Management, you can take admission in Doctoral course as a high level. After getting a PhD degree from a recognized University / College, you can use the title of 'Doctor' in front of your name.

Sub-Specialization Courses under Financial Management
Financial Management Graduates can make specializations in the following subjects so that they can become recognized in their industry. However, the subjects offered below are a part of Curriculum but you can choose one of these subjects and make a career in it. The list of sub-specializations for your comfort is given below:

1. Portfolio analysis
If you do specialization in this subject then you can start your career as a portfolio analyst. After this, your job will be to study economical trends, capital market reports, earn maximum aliquot in securities, and prepare reports so that capital and money market instruments invested in capital can be shown.

2. Money and Capital Markets
This topic will provide understanding and information about financial advances such as stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives and currencies. Other aspects such as Capital Market, Bond Market and Money Market etc. will also be discussed in detail in detail including theories.

3. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (SAPM)
Students interested in making a career in the stock market must study the subject SAPM. Under this topic, many topics such as Futures and Options, Portfolio Theory and Agent Pricing, Bond Valuation and Analysis and Behavioral Finance etc. The purpose of this subject is to broaden the scope of knowledge of students and to provide specialized skills about the industry.

4. Rural and Co-operative Banking
Rural and cooperative banking is an integral part of financial management. This specialization focuses on Institutional Credit in Rural Areas and Indicators of their Financial Health.

5. Risk management
Every business faces the risk at every step. Factors that can be controlled on your business or uncontrolled living factors will be affected, this topic is taught about the subject. Financial Risk Management helps you to get the information about financial risks related to any business, and to get the skills you need to deal with those risks.

Popular Job Titles for Financial Management Graduates

For any fresher, getting a job in a financial firm, company or market is the basic premise of his career. The finance of the finance graduate is very dynamic as it is necessary for them to co-operate with other departments of the organization and if necessary, they have to come forward and interact with the customer. Here are some of the popular job designations that Finance Graduates can join after completing their course:

1. Finance Manager
2. Financial Planner
3. Financial Analyst
4. Financial Auditor
5. Investment Banking Analyst
6. Actuary
7. Accountant
8. Investor Relations Associate

Salary for Financial Management Graduates

When you choose a career for yourself, salaries prove to be an important factor. For Finance Management Graduates, there is nothing to worry about salary as the industry offers good salaries to skilled and talented candidates.

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