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Career in Food Technology

Career in Food Technology

What is Food Technology?

In the food processing industry, Food Technology is involved in the work related to physical, chemical or microbiological techniques and processes to convert raw ingredients into food and other forms.

Food processing involves all works related to turning Raw Ingredients into food substitutes or for changing food to other dosageable forms.

BE / B Tech is a 4 year duration course in Food Technology. Food technology involves various chemical processes, which are used to fit and use the food products in the market.

 Food processors are usually made to use long-lasting, attractive, and marketable food products using clean, newly harvested crops or recently used food technology on killed animals.

This process is also applied on Animal Feed. After getting the BE / BTech degree, you can do MTech in Food Technology.

Although food science, food engineering and food technology are very similar in nature, there are also some subtle differences. Through intensive study of these subjects, you will get information about these differences.

Need for Food Science and Technology
Diet or food is essential for all types of life; humans always need food to survive. Just like a place, clothes, education and healthcare, food is a fundamental requirement for human beings.

Most food items are basically savvy or organic. Therefore all the work related to processing of food items, harvesting, distribution, storage and preparation is very difficult.

Under Food Technology, extensive understanding and training is needed to understand the food process and to solve various problems during the whole process.

The work of Food Saints is also to make abundant food items safe and nutritious with innovative packaging. Therefore, with the best use of food scientist's food resources, they make their significant contribution to at least Vestage of these resources.

Food systems and food technology (read more) have caused tremendous growth of food systems around the world. Processed food items are more convenient to eat. These food items are also very tasty and healthy.

Some good examples of food science and technology are the following which we use a lot every day:
1. Frozen Food
2. Canned or candied food
3. Snacks and fast food (chips, french-fries, pizzas, burgers, pasta etc.)
4. Microwave mile
5. Ready to eat miles
6. Bottled and packaged milk (Long Life, Skimmed, Semi-skimmed etc)
7. Baby Food
8. Low Fat Butter
9. Chocolate
10. Yogurt
11. Coffee (instant and filter; do not know the difference yet? Read here)
12. Serials (including serial bars)
13. Packaged juice (fruit and vegetable)
14. Aerated drink (cola), energy drink (Gatorade, Red Bull), beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages

Scope in food technology

There is too much scope for career development in food technology, which is given below:

1. As organic chemists, food technologists provide information and advice about methods such as Raw food items converted into processed foods.

2. As biocamists, these people organize ways to improve the flavor, texture, storage and quality of food items.

3. As home economists, they are experts in dietetics and nutrition, and according to the instructions given on the containers, they test food and their recipes.
As engineers, these people work with the planning, designing, improving and maintenance of processing systems.

4. As research scientists, these people do various experiments to improve the packaged food product, flavor, nutritious value and general adaptability.

5. As managers and accountants, they work to manage the administration and finances apart from supervising works related to professional processing.

 Subjects in Food Technology

The following are specialization courses in the field of Food Technology:
• Serials
• Derry
• Alcohol
• Sugar
• Bakery and Confectionary items
• Fruits and vegetables
• Oil and oil seed processing
• Meat-fish

Job Options for Food Technology Graduate

• Food technologist
• Nutrition Therapist
• Product / Process Development Scientist
• Quality Manager
• Regulatory Affairs Officer
• Scientific Laboratory Technician
• Technical Braver
• Production Manager
• Purchasing Manager
• Research Scientist (Life Sciences)
• Toxicologist


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