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Career in Computer Science Engineering

Career in Computer Science Engineering

What is Computer Science Engineering?

Computer Science Engineering or CSE is one of the most popular courses among the candidates wishing to do engineering courses in the country. Under this course, the basic elements of computer programming and networking are focused.

 Students who have computer science engineering can also learn about designing, implementation and management of information systems in relation to hardware and software.

Apart from these, they are also taught about the theory of computation and design of computational systems. This engineering field is related to electrical engineering, mathematics and linguistics.

Different Courses in Computer Science

Almost all the colleges and universities around the world offer a variety of courses in computer science engineering. Academic Criteria for Computer Science Courses can be divided into three main categories: Diploma Courses, Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate Courses. Let's read further:

1. Diploma Courses - These courses are affiliated with polytechnic diploma and the duration of these courses or duration is 3 years.

2. Undergraduate Courses - After completing undergraduate level course, you get Bachelor of Technology ie B.Tech. In Computer Engineering and the duration of this course is 4 years.

3. Postgraduate Courses - These are master level courses, after successfully completing the Master of Technology ie M.Tech. In Computer Science Engineering and the duration of these courses is 2 years.

Core Subjects in Computer Science

1.      Cloud Computing
2.      Computer Architecture & Organization
3.      Computer networks
4.      Data base management systems
5.      Operating Systems (Unix Programming)
6.      Compiler designing
7.      Data Structure and Algorithms
8.      Design and analysis of algorithms
9.      Distributed Computing Systems
10.  Software testing

Eligibility Criteria Computer Science Courses

Students must have a strong background in mathematics and science subjects to do any of the courses in diploma, undergraduate courses or postgraduate courses in computer science engineering. The Eligibility Criteria for various computer science engineering courses is as follows:

Diploma Courses - Candidate has passed the 10th class examination from a recognized Education Board.

Undergraduate Courses - Candidate has passed 10 exams with a key board of physicians, chemistry and mathematics from a recognized board. The student has also obtained Minimum Qualifying Aggregate Marks in all subjects.

Postgraduate Courses - Candidates should have a B.Tech degree with minimum pass percentage in all subjects, which are taught at the undergraduate level level.

Career opportunities for students

Jobs in computer science engineering

There are plenty of job opportunities in computer science engineering. After completing your graduation you can easily get attractive career opportunities in database management, embedded systems, IT, telecommunication, multimedia, computer hardware and software implementation, gaming, web designing, computer hardware and software maintenance and other related industries. .

Career options after computer science engineering

1. Software developers: These professionals work in software development processes related to various activities such as designing, coding, programming, project management etc.

2. Hardware Engineers: As a hardware engineer, you have to do research, development, testing, over sighting and installation related to computer hardware in various industries.

3. System analyst: As a system analyst, your work will include the task of presenting solutions for research and problem related to existing programs. You have to present solutions for software and system related problems and also has to work to establish coordination between business development teams.

4. Networking Engineers: As a networking engineer, you have to work primarily on designing, implementing and troubleshooting computer networks.

5. Database Administrators: As a database administrator or as a DBA, your job will be to design, implement, maintain and repair the database of an organization. In some IT sectors database, administrators are also known as Database Coordinators or Database Programmers.
After doing this course, other great career options are professors, computer programmers, system designers, software engineers, software developers, software testers, mobile app developers, IT administrators, e-commerce specialists, data warehouses analysts etc.

Salary package Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering is a field that offers students the highest salary package.

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