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Career in International Business

Career in International Business

What is International Business (IB) course?

The goal of doing a course in International Business Operations is to give students information about the economies of the world.

 At the time of globalization, many other countries like China, Japan and India are associated with trade relativism and financial assistance with each other.

The basic objective of the International Business Course is to give students information about mutual dependencies and mutual relations of different countries in today's business environment.

Types of Courses in International Business (IB)

There are several courses available in the field of International Business, which can be done after passing 10 + 2 classes. The purpose of these courses is to provide students with information about the international business format in the current environment. Let us discuss some courses:

You can do diploma in International Business after passing the 10th and 12th class.

Undergraduate degree
Undergraduate courses are commonly known as BBM in International Business or BBA in International Business. The duration of this undergraduate course is 3 years.

Post graduate degree
The International Business Course at Post Graduate level is known as Master of Business Administration (MBA in IB) or Master of International Business (MIB). The duration of this course is 2 years.

Doctoral degree
After completing post graduation, you can do a PhD in International Business. Usually the duration of the doctoral program is 3-4 years. This period also depends on the University Guidelines.

Eligibility criteria
This is one of the most important aspects, to which it is first detected that any student should take admission in any given course or not? Let's discuss about the Eligibility Criteria at the International Business Course on various levels:

Eligibility criteria Undergraduate degree
Undergraduate level course can be done after passing 10 + 2 class from any subject. In order to do undergraduate courses in International Business, students must have received at least 50% marks in the 10 + 2 class.

Eligibility criteria Postgraduate degree
For postgraduate courses, the student has obtained a degree in graduation with a minimum of 50% marks in any subject from a recognized university or college.

Eligibility criteria Doctoral degree
To do a Doctoral degree, the student has a degree in post graduation in a related university related to a recognized university or college. After this, there will be an entrance examination organized by a university or institute for doing a PhD in International Business Course.

Sub-specialization in International Business (IB) Course

1. International Supply Chain Management
The most important reason to teach this topic to international business students is to provide information on topics related to International Logistics (IL) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) for companies and their strategic importance in the international market.

2. International marketing
The objective of this subject is to provide students with understanding and information about marketing principles that apply to organizations which are doing business in more countries than in one country even in a tough competition with foreign businessmen. Under this topic, issues such as advertising and branding importance are included in the international markets.

3. Financial derivatives and risk management
From the financial perspective, students are able to manage risks or risks in the international market through studying derivatives.

4. Financing of International Trade
This topic is the basis of international trade as it teaches different avenues of managing various sources of finance, including the sources of finance along with various theories related to the international trade and theories.

5. Foreign Language for Business
When it comes to international trade and business, the language can become a main obstacle. Therefore, each university or institute gives you the opportunity to learn a foreign language in French, Spanish, Mandarin etc. so that at least from one business perspective, students can master at least one language of their choice.

Career opportunity for IB

International Business is a promising management field that gives you the opportunity to travel around the world and interact with all types of clients. This focuses on the cross-cultural aspects of domain management.

Popular Job Profiles for IB Managers

After doing an MBA in International Business and getting the required experience, you can work on the following posts:
• Export Managers and Executives
• Global Business Manager
• International Business Development Manager
• International Finance Manager
• International Logistics Manager
• International Business Consultant
• International Brand Manager

Salary Prospects for IB Managers
At present, specialization in the international field is very beneficial. Nowadays the world has become a global village and the economies of all countries are promoting trade relations and are creating mutual business relations among themselves.

Therefore, there are many opportunities for development in this field. As soon as your work experience increases in this field, your salary increases as well.


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