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Career in Marketing Management

Career in Marketing Management

Career in Marketing Management

About Marketing Management Courses

In the 21st Century, Marketing Management Courses have become very important for the promotion and dissemination of products and services and for the development of professionals, industry, business houses and even service sector.

There is a lot of benefit to doing marketing management courses in the current economic environment. Marketing professionals are required to find unexplored markets and market durations in pre-established markets and to market them accordingly.

Candidates from Marketing Management Courses receive knowledge about the ability to convert, the promotion of the product, and pricing of goods for the customer, in the proper manner.

Types of Marketing Management Courses

After passing the 10 + 2 exam, specialization can be selected in the field of marketing management.

After 10 + 2 level there are 2 types of courses in which you can take admission. The first is known as the Diploma Course, while the other is known as Undergraduate Course. The time involved in the completion of primary inter-courses in these two is special.

Different courses of marketing management
Diploma in Marketing Management

Diploma in Marketing Management focuses on providing candidates with basic level knowledge and skills related to marketing domains. The duration of this course is 1 year.

Undergraduate Courses in Marketing Management
Undergraduate course in Marketing Management is known as BA / BBA (Marketing Management). BBA degree is provided by private colleges and universities, while BA degree is generally provided under the courses organized by State Universities such as Delhi University. The duration of this course is 3 years.

Postgraduate Courses in Marketing Management
Post Graduate Course in Marketing Management is known as MBA / MA in Marketing. Typically, specialization is offered in the marketing management in the second year of MBA courses. Some MBA Institutes also provide full courses in the marketing field. Post Graduate Courses have a duration of 2 years.

Doctorate Course in Marketing Management

The doctorate course in marketing management is known as PhD. While doing Ph.D in Marketing Management, such important topics are selected for research, with the help of which to make an unprecedented contribution to the academy and industry. Duration of the doctorate course usually takes 3-4 years. But this can vary depending on the timeline allocated by the University / Research Guide.

Eligibility criteria

Diploma level
A candidate interested in the diploma program should have a minimum of 50 percent marks in 10 + 2 Students of any stream can apply for these courses on or before the last day of the Entrance Examination.

For undergraduate courses, students must have a minimum of 50 percent marks in 10 + 2. After this, the students are required to appear for the entrance examination of the respective university or institute in which they want to apply.

Post Graduate Courses
For Post Graduate Courses, the candidate should have a degree undergraduate with a minimum of 50 percent marks from a recognized university or college. After this, they need to be present for the entrance examination of the respective university or institute in which it wants to apply.

Doctoral course
In order to earn a doctorate degree, the candidate should have a postgraduate with a minimum of 50 percent marks from a recognized university or college. Then the candidate will be present for the entrance examination of the respective university or institute in which he / she wants to apply. Need to be

Sub Specialization Subjects for Marketing Management Graduates

1. Consumer Behaviors
This course highlights psychological, emotional and physical factors and motivates the consumer to buy consumer goods and services. The objective of this subject is to provide technical knowledge that enhances understanding of consumer perspectives and behaviors.

2. Digital marketing
This is the latest topic which is being preferred by almost all the institutions nowadays. This topic provides detailed understanding about topics like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Content Marketing to increase the visibility of business and brand in online media. Does it

3. Marketing research
The main basis of marketing management is research. All this specialization aims to increase the skills that help to analyze, analyze and interpret the information that can be used to meet the demands of consumers or industries.

4. Rural Management
It is a daunting task to trace obsolete market place for infiltration and profits in rural and remote areas. Thus, the objective of this subject is to tap the rural markets and provide an understanding of the specifics involved in bringing maximum revenues from those areas.

5. Retail Marketing
Retail marketing works solely to provide a detailed overview of the organized retail scenario of our economy. The aim of this topic is to change the organized retail sector which has no contribution to the gross domestic product. It opens many doors to develop an understanding of various retail models and new developments in the field of retail around the world.

Career prospects in Marketing Management Courses

Popular Job Profiles for Marketing Management Graduates
Marketing management (job title)
There are many jobs available in the market for a Marketing Management Graduate. Marketing industry is required for the promotion of product and service in every industry or profession. Which business development is not possible without a marketing manager?

Below is a description of some popular job profile that can be obtained after getting degree in marketing Courses
1. Marketing manager
2. Marketing research analyst
3. Advertising and Promotion Manager
4. Social media manager
5. Product / Brand Manager
6. Media planner
7. Sales manager
8. Public Relations Specialist
9. Meeting / Event Planner
10. Marketing Coordinator
11. Customer Service Representative
12. Sales Representative

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