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Careers in Biochemical Engineering

Careers in Biochemical Engineering

What is biochemical engineering?

Biochemical engineering is the branch of engineering in which the facts related to the study, design and construction of unit processes related to biological organisms or molecules are studied.

This is an interdisciplinary study of chemical engineering (Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry) and Micro Biology Science.

The main objective of this branch is to train students in biotechnology, biochemical engineering, microbial and enzyme systems.  This will help them to understand the biological or biochemical events of these systems.

In addition, biochemical engineering is also related to Kinetic Growth, Death and Metabolism, Agitation, Fertility, Mass Transfer and Enzyme Technology.

Sub-topics of biochemical engineering

There are various subjects to be studied under biochemical engineering. Some important topics and concepts are given below:

1.      Biochemistry
2.      Bio Interprinership
3.      Bioprocess
4.      Environmental Biotechnology
5.      Environmental study
6.      Fertilizer Technology
7.      Organic Chemistry
8.      Polymer industry
9.      Immunology
10.  Biopsy
11.  Metabolic Regulation and Engineering
12.  Micro biology
13.  Molecular Biology and Genetics
14.  Bioprocess technology
15.  Enzyme Engineering and Technology
16.  Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Eligibility Criteria for undergraduate courses

Candidates should have a Certificate of 10 + 2 with valid qualification marks in the form of total subjects with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology subjects. Most colleges demand minimum 50% marks as a condition to be present for the test.

Post graduate
For admission in post graduation courses, candidates should have a Bachelor of Engineering / B.Tech degree in Bio-Chemical Engineering as well as a good score in the PG program's intensive exam.

Scope for Biochemical Engineers

Job opportunity for Biochemical Engineers

There are so many opportunities available in the field of biochemical engineering. Bio-chemical engineers research plants that produce color, biofuel, alcohol, steroids, enzymes, bio-fertilizers, or bio-analysts and are used in chemotherapy or industry related to food processing and fermentation processes. is.

Apart from this, biomedical engineers also work in areas like sports, medical and rehabilitation. People working in the medical field are experts in working with sales and tissues. They study the mechanisms and mechanisms of cells and tissues. These engineers spend more time in laboratories while trying to make human tissue while hoping to eliminate many diseases.

The area of ​​biochemical engineering is constantly changing. Advancement in career depends on further education and latest certificates. In this area, a registered professional engineer can help in the advancement of the management positions of a firm.

Employment sector for biochemical engineers

·         Textile manufacturing companies
·         Health care sector
·         Paper Manufacturing Industries
·         Water treatment plant
·         Pharmaceuticals
·         Aerospace companies
·         Chemical Plants
·         Food industry
·         Mining engineering companies
·         Petrochemical engineering companies
·         Oil and Natural Gas Industry
·         West Treatment Plants
·         Plastic & Polymer Manufacturing Units


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