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Career options after graduation

Career options after graduation

Career options after graduation
Have you recently completed your graduation and are worried about what to do next? While some students know which career they have to choose after graduation and how to promote their professional career, most students feel performance pressure during this time and they feel that they are stuck in a strange situation.

When you want to choose the right career for yourself after graduation, it is very natural for any student to become confused. Nowadays, students can choose a suitable / right career for themselves out of a lot of career options and this is why they find it very difficult to choose a suitable career for them. This is the time when they struggle to keep pace with their passion and skill sets.

What to do after graduation: Why is this important decision?
You have advanced a lot in your academic life and now, this is the right time to decide to choose a career suitable for you because it will really open the way to your great professional future. All this is not as easy as it seems. Nowadays, the job market is growing by leaps and bounds and many off-beat jobs are becoming very popular. Therefore, it is no longer necessary that a BCom or BTech graduate is bound to choose MBA or Software Engineering as their career options only, respectively.

If you are in the final year of your graduation or if you have just completed your graduation, then look carefully at your work and try to find out the special traits that make you better. If this method does not prove to be effective for you, then you can seek advice from career counselors or internship in your desired field so that you can get to know your passion and prospects very well.

What career options do graduates have?
Depending on your study stream and study area, there are a lot of career options available to you nowadays. If you are an Arts, Commerce or Science graduate then there are some great career options offered for you in relation to Job Prospects and Higher Studies:

Career Options for Arts Graduates
Nowadays, there are a lot of innovative career options for BA graduates and they provide excellent job opportunities along with satisfaction in the field of academics. In addition to traditional courses and jobs, there are many new but beneficial career options available for Arts Graduates nowadays. Now we discuss them.

Those who want to work in the field of candidate’s education can choose B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) program.

Another good option for Arts graduates is diploma program. These diploma programs are short-term programs that offer professional training in various fields so that students can prepare for future jobs. Arts students can take diploma courses in acting, animation, film-making, computer technology, painting and any other such fields according to their interest.

Similarly, obtaining an MBA degree after graduation has become the best option nowadays and you can also get an MBA degree.

Higher Studies Options for Commerce Graduates
After doing B.Com, the most preferred career option is the career of CA.
Another great option for commerce students is to get an MBA degree in finance.
After BCom, you can apply for the post of accounts in any company.
You can also get a job as an auditor, junior financial analyst, tax accountant, analyst in any consultancy, industrial house or public accounting firm.

Higher Studies Options for Science Graduates
After doing BSc, students can do MSc directly in the subject of their choice.
Science graduates including Math’s can do a master's degree in computer application to promote their career in IT field.
BSC students can also do B.Ed and adopt teaching profession. Another great option for science graduates is to take diploma courses in Computer Science, Animation and Computer Languages. These are not only short-term courses but after doing them you get very good salary packages.

There are many more job opportunities for BSC graduates. Science graduates can get jobs in education institutes, space research institutes, hospitals, health service providers, chemical industries, testing institutes, geological survey institutes and many more after obtaining their graduation degree. Apart from the above technical fields, science graduates can also work in marketing, and many other research fields. Science graduates can work on Medical Representative, Consultant, Junior Clinical Research Engineer, Teachers and many other related posts.

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